Karters must be at least 140 cm tall for their own safety. All our Karts are a adult size and we do not run double seater karts. Please note that the Advance 50Km/H karts are strictly for individuals with drivers license (please show it at the counter during registration) while the Novice 30Km/H karts are for everyone to enjoy!


    Karters are strongly advised to wear comfortable pants, shorts or bermudas are also acceptable, ladies are advised not to wear loose clothing's like dresses, skirts or neck scarf. Karters must also wear covered shoes, sports shoes are highly recommended. We provide helmets and shower caps but you can also bring your own helmets as long as they are full faced.


    Last but not least, safety should always come first. Please pay attention during the safety briefing and ask questions when in doubt. If you feel any discomfort during or after the ride, do let our friendly staff know. Individuals with back or heart problems, pregnant women as well as other medical conditions are not allow to take part for safety reasons.