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Self Balancing-scooter Start as old as love her, so I want to marry her Looked up at the clouds of the sky, his heart is like the vagaries of the clouds, teach people unpredictable In Ding Lingling would also like to under the court, then the Zen , too late and Fan Dingfeng and good, travel abroad Fan Yuan couples back home, received Zhou Yunna end of the message from the end, the couple will find non stop Fan Dingfeng s residence came. Chapter XII Ding Lingling Although long psychological self balancing-scooter start construction, know that sooner or later have to meet and Fan Yuan period, but she did not expect so soon, in the open door of the moment Zhengleng stone. Uncle, aunt, I m sorry. When Ding Lingling see Fan Yuan couple of the first reaction is an apology, Fan Dingfeng suddenly knew later, when she left, I am afraid the problem lies in his parents who. Is us, is that we should tell you I m sorry. Fan Yuan period self balancing-scooter start holding tightly his wife s hand, full of wrinkled face filled with guilt, and disturbed Kanliao Yan Fan Dingfeng. If we knew you were pregnant at the time, you would never ask for such an unreasonable demand. In fact, I did not know. Can o.white lily flushed face, beg for mercy to open. See her face in the face of red, Bu Feng proud smile, and slowly left her lips, turn her hot cheeks bury her own chest. As long as you are willing to obediently follow me, I guarantee that after the door, will not let you get any bully. He stroked her hair, promised. Then you, you will bully me White Lily snuggle in his arms whispered. She believes that as long as their complete obedience, he is absolutely able to complete anything for her. For this, she never doubted. And she also understand that as his woman, only two end Extreme happiness or extreme misfortune. As long as no betrayal of my things, self balancing-scooter start the sky collapsed, I insisted for you. In the face of her abnormal submissiveness, BU wind was quite surprised. The arms of her, no struggle, no resistance, as Xiang Xiang is so supple and well behaved snuggle in his arms. It is incredible. Well, I promise you, the tone was calm. She actually agreed. Look at my eyes and answer. Bu Jinfeng picked up her little face, unbelievable look of her crystal pupil. White lily looked back at him, tears moist eyes. Look in my eyes, say.

er, your father and mother, is not my father and mother do If the recognition of how good, we have a parents This life is more satisfactory, but also her wholeheartedly look forward to. Fixed peak fixed to her, not much, heavy nod. Well, I think. Facts have proved that imagination is always better than the facts. Dingfeng and biological parents recognize, he from the original Ding Dingfeng into a Fan Dingfeng. Shortly after, a pair of elderly couple to Dingxue Ling Fan Ling s company to find her, that they self balancing-scooter start are Fan Dingfeng s parents. This is the first time she saw the parents of the peak, she found the costumes of the couple wearing a lot of money, could not help but be happy for the peak. His biological parents obviously have a good living environment, which can make his life better. D self balancing-scooter start , we come to you today there is a love, please, I hope you can fulfill. Fan Yuan period eagle eyes gazing at her, an opening is the request. Uncle please do not say so.What can I help a busy place, please, although you say it does not matter. She quickly replied in horror. Since it is not love, please, it is not so easy to complete., see his son and his similar contours also remembered, midnight dream, not to mention, and she had nowhere to run They have been so mutually supportive, had so close to each other to share everything, so how can she refuse to get him want to go back to the previous hope Struggling tears rolled by the eyes, ironing her cheek, but also burned his heart. Fan Dingfeng s eyes twitched under the chest while nausea, he bowed his finger, light across her tears wet cheek, gently poke aside the tears on it. Ding Xueling and then , can not use words to Nebraska self balancing scooter express at the moment in the heart of complex feelings. What does that mean He sulks, slightly rude to wipe her cheeks on the tears. Damn He should not be soft to her. Even if she cried Ganchangcunduan, he should adhere to their beliefs. It self balancing-scooter start is fierce her arbitrary and derived from his owe, self balancing-scooter start he should claim a more justifiable, damn, one face of her, he is hard not up You can not hold anything in my heart do not say, I am not your stomach worms, will not understand what you are thinking. Listen, like the tone of the creditors to speak it He cursed himself in the heart thousands., hate your cruel overbearing, hate your self righteous, the world I hate you Called roar, white lily tears whirling from his chest. The face of her accusations and protests, BU wind is not a word, just looking at her tears, quietly bear the power of weak fist. Why do you do this to me, and why See him speechless, white lily is cries. Because BU Jinfeng hold her excited stir fist hammer. Because you look like Xiang Xiang, he said, his eyeshadowing a rare hesitant tenderness. Gentle. She was in his face to see the gentle. White Lily Yi Zheng. I saw BU strong wind out of hand, stroking her palpitation confusion face. Your lips, your face, and even the way you weep, are like Xiang Xiang. His fine painted eyes fixed looking, the line of sight is through her, I do not know where the distance falls on. At the moment, his misty eyes, gentle demeanor, still mixed with a complex Tu ran. Xiang Xiang She knew that his gentle eyes are not looking at Michigan self balancing scooter her, but another person. Is that his mouth Xiangxiang. Yes, Xiang Xiang BU wind suddenly withdrawn from sight, release the touch of her hands, sadly stood up. Beca.

Self Balancing-scooter Start pushed him. Well, do not trouble with you, I self balancing-scooter start want to self balancing-scooter start go back to the room. Well, we went back to the room. He did not hold the accident against the idea, hand, pulled her hand spin on the set. Hey my room in this Yeah Mouth to detect the direction of his travel is to go to his room, she was surprised Zhang mouth, a heart is uncontrollable Qibabuzha. Are you you take me to your room self balancing board news Go to my room to make it clear ah He kicked his door open, apart from anything else will be pushed self balancing-scooter start into her. What do you want to make clear And where to speak are not the same, why do you want to come here She did not know what to fear, people were pushed into his room, and she did not give up the protest. Fan Dingfeng regardless of how she said, he quietly in front of her face will be closed, this slowly turning to face her. Lingling, what are you afraid of I, how can I Bo She stretched the nerves of the body, do not understand what he wants to do to make her uneasy to the extreme. What do you want to say soon, I want to go to bed early. He huodi stand tall, action between murmured in my sleep here too. What did you say All her att.preservation of the wedding is very strict she sorrowful stricken cry. Besides, I go, how to do the wedding Jin Feng will be furious jumping self balancing-scooter start feet Lily, you so care about BU wind At this time, sound came in. Lin Daoshi quickly hid aside. White , the venue is ready, five minutes after you ready to play. Wedding company s service came in respectful expression. I know. White Lily side to her, do not want the other side to see the tears on his face. And at this time, Lin Daizhi suddenly ran up, punch will knock each other fainted. Daigo, what are you doing She looked self balancing-scooter start at her. Immediately put on the uniform, you fake wedding service, and I leave here. Lin said the edge of the wedding service personnel who took off his uniform. No, I can not escape White Lily would not finish, Lin Chi Yi Ba uniforms rice stuffed her hands. Because of the situation, white lily had to dress up a small dressing room into a service personnel, and was knocked unconscious service personnel have been wearing classic self balancing scooter reviews a white silk Lin Chi chi, eye, fixed in the seat. Go Lin Daizhi pushed her to the door. But I can self balancing-scooter start not do that

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