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Self Balancing Scooter Change and capable, in life, she is still a competent mother, but in the emotional processing, she was less self balancing scooter change so decisive Chapter XIII She worried that he could not give him enough, worried that the day after a long time he will find that he is not so good, and now the community so much , he was so good, she really let his eyes forever stay in their own Body it What do you have in the cranky As if to look at her ideas like, he poked up his eyebrows, decided to take off her excessive use of the brain, with their own to spend a romantic. self balancing scooter change You always say that I thought. Shallow sigh mouth, she never argued him. You re not me, how do you know what s in my head We grew up together, I do not understand you He laughed, rising lips affixed her lips. I just know. Kissing her facial self balancing scooter change features, the two clothes in his slightly impatient stripping, separated from each other s body, and soon, in that big , leaving only the original man and woman, no civilization Cloth Of the cover. Ling Ling. Hello. Rounded full of hills on fine with two crystal like bright berry, the appearance of modesty quivering as if inviting pick slim and not a grip of.of the shouted. Fan Dingfeng glanced back at her, then told Ling Ling come with me. I m not afraid of you Ding Xue Ling froze the next, although a bit baffling, but she still no objection with him into the office. Lin brother, Mr. Fan Ling sister called out to do what ah Small girls curiosity is always more exuberant, the court saw a snow Ling follow up office, they rushed to ask Lin Ya Ge. Boss said the weekends to take small to go outing, I think he should want to ask the views of small Not seen to go out to play the people, would withstand such a smelly face. The car firmly on the highway, Ding Lingling sitting next to the driver s seat, her side of the face of the driver s seat Fan Dingfeng eyes, could not help but chuckle in my heart. Originally planned to take Lingling and small Yi went to the outskirts of the outing, who knows that there are a few stalker just insist A week Yunna, a Wu Zhihui, even more pull is even the court with Lin Ya Ge actually followed suit. That day he and Ling Ling discussion is completed, only self balancing scooter change out of the office, that few people clamoring to go together, which makes the office like a.

agrance, provocative kiss, her kind of panic stricken shame, , her painful reaction, all prove she is a fake virgin He even began to doubt, if she and Lin Dazhi no ambiguous relationship between, then the first time self balancing scooter change to meet his kiss, should be her first kiss. If so, then the white lily is like a perfect original stone, has always cherished the value of the collection. BU Feng Feng staring at her like a very Xiang Xiang s side Yan, Bank self balancing scooter mood swirling. Tonight s out of control, even he himself was quite consternation. The woman has long been immune to him, but in front of this little woman, like a spring of the beast, desperate to her. He knew Lin Da Zhi and her short intention, to stimulate his anger, so he lost control. However, he is also very clear, really make themselves irrational, is that she is like Xiang Xiang s face. And Xiang Xiang has not been combined, is his biggest regret in this life. self balancing scooter change So that day in the elevator to see the white lily, he would have been mad to get her. Xiang Xiang BU strong wind bowed his head, kissed the white lily sleeping face. Even if not Xiangxiang himself, even if only looks, see his son and his similar contours also remembered, midnight self balancing scooter battery dream, not to mention, and she had nowhere to run They have been so mutually supportive, had so close to each other to share everything, so how can she refuse to get him want to go back to the previous hope Struggling tears rolled by the eyes, ironing her cheek, but also burned his heart. Fan Dingfeng s eyes twitched under the chest while nausea, he bowed his finger, light across her tears wet cheek, gently poke aside the tears on it. Ding Xueling and then , can not use words to express at the moment in the heart of complex feelings. What does that mean He sulks, slightly rude to wipe her cheeks on the tears. Damn He should not be soft to her. Even if she cried Ganchangcunduan, he should adhere to their beliefs. It is fierce her arbitrary and derived from his owe, he should claim a more justifiable, damn, one face of self balancing scooter change her, he is hard not up You can not hold self balancing scooter change anything in my heart do not say, I am not your stomach worms, will not understand what you are thinking. Listen, like the tone of the creditors to speak it He cursed himself in the heart to the University of Tokyo s affiliated hospital. White Lady is suffering from aplastic anemia, it is the bone marrow hematopoietic system because of drug, physical or viral causes, and can not self balancing scooter change be normal hematopoietic diseases. Fortunately, after careful diagnosis, the study as long as good cultivation and treatment, the disease control to the slightest degree is not impossible. Busy midnightblue self balancing scooter for a whole day, complicated transfer procedures finally managed to finish, BU winds have been able to sneak and has been promoted to the dean of the former mentor gossip. In Bu Fengfeng s conceited world, he was one of the few who could make him respectable, and the dean in front of him was one of them. Dean of the year without the strong help, he escaped from the hospital with Nishikawa Xiangxiang this news, will not be deliberately concealed by the hospital down. Time flies so fast that it s been ten years since the first glimpse, and if you had to give up medicine and return to Taiwan to take charge of the disease, I believe you have a different performance in medicine, he said. Give up the medical situation must have, please unde.

Self Balancing Scooter Change practice before the legs, with the run is difficult to stop, will not accidentally hit the sister Ling, but also almost harm her fall, it is very bad. Tingting Ding Xueling shook the gaze of her one, that she was the hit her murderer. After careful enough, it does not matter. Well, I know the best Ling sister Tingting mouth cheerful smile, and then she warmly holding the arms of Ding Lingling, happy chatted up. Ling sister I miss you you do not know you leave these days, the company happened a lot of it What is it This is exactly self balancing scooter change what she wanted to figure out, not only in the company s decor, the most important thing is, Fan Dingfeng reason why there will be here. Also, just who Mr. Fan how can we come to the company He is our new boss The court grinned. The new boss She could not believe the big double h hibernation, which is how the change. How could that be She scarcely screamed. Really ah I heard that the former boss owed a large gambling debt, forced 50% off Buy Self balancing Scooter to give the company to Mr. Fan. The court will be due diligence to hear the inside story of her big open, and excited in her ear whisper You do not.nd the value. Bu Jin Feng self self balancing scooter change confidence Road. Yes He looked suspicious. If this is the case, she will not escape with me today, wedding venue. Well, this is the next BU home but lost face, ha ha Lin Daizhi again laughing out loud. I do not want to waste my time with a man like you, he said. Lily is my woman, this fact will never change. Lin Daizhi came to him, pulled out from the pocket shaped heart shaped necklace, deliberately satire You woman Are you sure Lily s heart really is toward you, or she just succumbed to your despotic power and wealth , Pretend to be self balancing scooter change respectful of your face This is my birthday gift to Lily, you are not eligible to touch it. Bu Jinfeng anger, move the body ready to hand back the necklace. Suddenly, a burst of cold pain self balancing scooter change suddenly piercing the side of the body. You BU strong winds eyes wide open, the blood has been rendered. I do not know when, Lin Daizhi took out a Swiss knife, has been surprised to stab him to go. Side of the bodyguards were seeing this, immediately hands to live Lin Daoshi, however, eventually slow step. The boss, it does not matter Secretary of the pani.

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