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Self-balancing Hoverboard rder to save a little tea expenses and steal cheap tea, the results were seized by the company, the right to join two million gold, blink of an eye on the whole did not, if he must be very distressed self-balancing hoverboard best Road Self Balancing Scooter ah It is too worth the candle. Contract written clearly is not it Fan Dingfeng turned to his face and no trace of sympathy for the line. The company is not kind enough to sue him, which may return a royalty. Is also, but Lin Ya Ge also want to say something, was Fan Dingfeng Juzhu hand to stop. The poor person must have the hateful place, if he does not violate the contract, regulations Torch mom s business, I will confiscate his premium Fan Dingfeng cold points out the facts. Lin Ya Ge stifled, staring at him for a long while can not say the words of refutation. Oh talk about it down as if his arm self-balancing hoverboard bent out, he followed Fan Dingfeng work more than two years, the boss talking about business is completely intolerable, in full accordance with self-balancing hoverboard the company rules to go, did not violate, if slightly contrary , No one to talk to no use, all be ordered by the ship punishment. Private employees secretly call him de.e days do not know which bar is not right, and suddenly hard working to the moving company Cell, so Ding Lingling head is large. Wu Zhihui to be a while to be after a self-balancing hoverboard while, the court smelly face with a muttered Please self-balancing hoverboard to move will not be Best Self Balancing Scooters Reviews 2015 able to get through the phone like Oh, people do it when people are his home kitchen company ah Do not say so, we open the company is to flourish, this will make money ah Ting Ling Ting could not help but laugh straight, but also to teach her a little business truth. Court lay down the production of half of the work report, staring at her incredibly. Ling sister, you and you you you do not like that person, right I She slightly contemptuous, teasing tease her play. All right, his condition is not bad ah 0h my god This is not true Not true Tingting this surprise is no trivial matter, the chin almost did not fall to the table. Picked up the cup to drink saliva, she tried to suppress the full stomach of the smile, very seriously asked otherwise you think I should like what kind of man Of course, like me, like a man Suddenly a male voice to intervene between their dialog.

FAN Ding feng s Jun Yan thrown suspicious pink, his embarrassing clear throat, Well, you still talk about what you asked. Zhang Yuan Mei said with a small child, and now the child to her mother, that is, the landlady with his wife, but added that she did not listen to the mention of Mr. Ding Lin Ya Ge serious recall The next said. What Even the children are born. What else did he expect He closed his eyes closed, a sense of powerlessness filled his limbs Bai Hai. She has children Lin Ya Ge inexplicable glanced at him. Boss, how do you She has even children, then how can I do His uncomfortable husky whisper. What are you talking about ah Lin Ya self-balancing hoverboard Ge head and wit, do not know what he lamented. I just did not say it Zhang Yuan Mei only mention Ding and children live together, and did not mention Mr Fan Dingfeng Zheng Leng the next, his head suddenly turn, however. What do you mean Means that there is no small in the end the husband, it is still open to question. So he was to find someone to boss to check ah Really That What is slow. You idiot Oh Where did not her husband s children Inexplicable it She.many provisions He can not stand crying, obviously his own flesh and blood shabu But when he thought of ancestors returned to the case, is the father Mom to do, he did not know how they change in the end successful. I am going to ask to see if you can, then change ah For the change in the surname of a small Yi, she did not comment, but it involves household regulations, or ask more clearly, she turned A body, facing his side lying. His eyebrows fiercely Cuqi, slip sit down, lying in her side, a brain has not stopped turning. If not, we get married, it can always right He can not stand Wu Zhijie that the white head problem again appeared in his ear, it makes him feel very harsh. Ding Ling Ling stiff stiff, opened his eyes stared at him. What is the name of last name so important He is your son, this is the fact that can not be changed, it is necessary for this to get married He said it is really hurt Yeah Marriage is a lifetime event, but his kind of argument seems to be wronged, just to change the son s surname, only had to marry her She will promise only ghosts Humph Fan Dingfeng heard this provoked Mei Wei.

Self-balancing Hoverboard not as good as it is, but my love for you will never be self-balancing hoverboard lost to him. Love Please, in this era, who will control what love does not love Money is the most important. Rowling acid sarcastic sneer. Besides, if not a few months ago in the hotel to see you shot generous, and self-balancing hoverboard wore the general manager of White s textile title, which I would like to contact you It seems that outside the rumor is true, Lin, general manager of a Leave White s, it self-balancing hoverboard s nothing. What do you want to do Anyhow you belly pregnant with my child, even then wronged, have to look at the child s face, and I work together. I am always interested in only the rich and powerful men, and now you, like most of the funeral home of the dog, I m not interested in marrying a risky ghost to marry a devil. Rowling said bluntly and wanted to leave. Wait, you can not go away. What did the child in the stomach do He stopped her. There are no children at all. Pregnancy is an excuse, but you want to tie you up, but according to the present situation, it is not necessary. Rowling filed a large bag of shopping bags, Unwilling to turn around and leave. Wait Lin Daizhi did not.ade self-balancing hoverboard had gone. Master Bo suddenly decided to get married, even my hand with him to bring a large nanny, are quite surprised. Nurse suddenly Road. I and he, but his biological mother than pro, of course, want to marry the door 6.5 Inch smart balance wheel of the daughter in law, you can make the self-balancing hoverboard master master happy.If the white entry, no obediently obedient, did not let the young master happy, I make this Nurse absolutely can not forgive you, understand She suddenly exposed a terrible severe look. White lily was shocked, BU home nanny has been serious so far, self-balancing hoverboard Christmas Gift Two Wheel Scooter then the mother of the BU wind presumably even more terrible. Really married into the BU home, I am afraid not only to cope with the BU wind, his side of those people, probably also can not easily. In the two services, like a personal dual like, white lily has finally successfully completed the bath dressing, make up dress program. I do not want to wear this dress. White Lily stand in front of the mirror, looking at his retro style red dress, can not help but frowned. This dress is the young master personally selected, you can not wear. Nurse insisted. I do not like this self-balancing hoverboard red dress, I do not w.

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