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Dodgerblue Self Balancing Scooter he and Xue Ling to the yard to help. Dean asked him to contact, he will leave the communication data, but to stay on the picking to a pair of biological parents. The key is how can they be sure the child is looking for you Really teach people bizarre ah According dodgerblue self balancing scooter to the time the orphanage picked up my time and my clothes to judge, the president thought it should be I will not be wrong. He told him according to the old couple again to tell her once This will not be too casual point At least a test what a count of the dna, right Who knows, he shrugged, not thinking so much. Short silence appeared in the living room, Ding Lingling thinking about the situation he encountered, if the case of their own, I am afraid he would worry, right Soon, she called out loudly The dodgerblue self balancing scooter peak. Ah He should be light, deep frown still not released. To have a family is a very happy thing. This reason only like their children from childhood with no family will know the joys and sorrows. Since they think you are their children, as you and they recognize it You want me to recognize them Ding Feng almost did not jump up from the sofa. Yes a.r pale, beautiful face. Let me sit down White lily muttered, but BU wind has turned a deaf ear. This to her confusion in my mind, all of Lin Daizhi and Rowling leave the intimate figure, was sad infiltration of the heart, so that she did not even have the strength to resist. Earlier, in the ward door to hear the mother and the nurse after the dialogue, dodgerblue self balancing scooter although she has been aware of, but still feel a lot of pain. Now thinking to want to go, she is no longer selfish to go, and rice Chi He will always be hidden it She decided Now, no matter what kind of reason she wants her, as long as they can solve all the crises, the mother from now on to be able to live comfortably, rest assured that the body, even to her hell, she also does not matter. You really want to marry me White Lily staring at his still cold eyes, gently asked. Of course, as long as you are willing to marry Bu house, said last night will certainly be honored. Bu Jin Feng looked at her arms, flashing the eyes of the tears, the answer was no hesitation. Well I would. Tone. This is really Bu Jin Feng raised his eyebrows, cold look fina.

these days ward, and in critical condition.The past dodgerblue self balancing scooter few years, dodgerblue self balancing scooter poor management of enterprises, these protests must be white downstream manufacturers and creditors. But dodgerblue self balancing scooter I am afraid that will leave a debt to his wife and wife. Sharp eyed secretary gossip looking at the fun. Unrelated things, you are particularly clear. BU strong winds and even the mood to watch the mood are not, standing in front of the elevator. Boss, do not sarcasm I, I oppose this marriage is not for your sake Secretary of the press pressing the elevator button sadly, if not finished, I heard the other end dodgerblue self balancing scooter of the ward caused a commotion. At this time, I saw the excitement of all the crowd with a young girl out of the ward behind, to the direction of the elevator to rush over. I said, the amount of money, the mother and father will find a way, please go back, do not affect the rest of the rest dodgerblue self balancing scooter of the patients Surrounded by white lilies, helpless turned antiquewith self balancing scooter to open. Well, your father and the company is about to fall, what else to think about it Today, if not get the money, we will not go One of them excited Road. Yes, we have to support the family.ade had gone. Master Bo suddenly decided to get married, even my hand with him to bring a large nanny, are quite surprised. Nurse suddenly Road. I and he, but his biological mother than pro, of course, want to marry the door of the daughter in law, you can make the master master happy.If the white entry, no obediently obedient, did not let the young master happy, I make this Nurse absolutely can not forgive you, understand She suddenly exposed a terrible severe look. White lily was shocked, BU home nanny has been serious so far, then the mother of 10km/h self balancing scooter the BU wind dodgerblue self balancing scooter presumably even more terrible. Really married into the BU home, I am afraid not only to cope with the BU wind, his side of those people, probably also can not easily. In the two services, like a personal dual like, white lily has finally successfully completed the bath dressing, make up dress program. I do not want to wear this dress. White Lily stand in front of the mirror, looking at his retro style red dress, can not help but frowned. This dress is the young master personally selected, you can not wear. Nurse insisted. I do not like this red dress, I do not w.She was not looking out the window of unfamiliar streets, a little earlier agitation tone convergence. You have just heard, I have asked people to tell your family. BU strong wind Lengran Road. No, dodgerblue self balancing scooter I can not go back Her words have not finished, he was a small hand withheld face. Facing him again to the same action today, white lily stunned. Such a rude rude man, she is the first encounter. Always thought that men like her kind father, as well as gentle rice wisdom brother so, considerate and warm. However, in front Missouri self balancing scooter of this man is like a piece of ice, cold Pa was feel. Since you have already informed your family, you do not have to worry. But I do not know you white lily a look inexplicable doubts. How old is this year He asked again, cutting off her words without giving any answers. Twenty white lily timid look of him. This is a domineering man who is. Why arrest her in the end. Twenty. BU wind slightly narrowed his high quality self balancing scooter eyes, is a closer look at her. Her doll like childish appearance, it is easy to make people think that at most is a sixteen year old high school students. In contrast, the two year old.

Dodgerblue Self Balancing Scooter l the way from small salesperson was promoted up, a decade later when the smooth on the White s general manager of the textile. Long time no see white lily strong hold back inner excitement, dodgerblue self balancing scooter strong smile of the name of greeting. A dodgerblue self balancing scooter while back, White s textile crisis has not yet broke out, Lin Daizhi suddenly left, leaving a mess for his father to clean up. As the White s general manager, he chose to withdraw before the White s first withdrawal, it was crowned off the charges. I came to visit the aunt, he said, lifting a large bouquet of flowers and a basket of fruit on his hands, and looked shy and uncomfortable. Mother is inside, nurse is also, said, white lily will go back to the ward. No, I think, I m not disturbing. Lin Dazhi hastily grabbed her hand. When his hand touched the white lily, the time seemed to stop in an instant. I m sorry, I do not mean to. Found himself rude, Lin Daoshi quickly retracted hand. It does not matter. White lily smiled, his nose is slightly pantothenic acid. From a young age, she has been secretly adore Daogui brother, a while ago, his parents even want him into the white house., into a complex thinking. Bai is not there Lin Daoshi Others According to outsiders on the Bai family s awareness, the young Lin Zhi chi is white s textile miracle. White s textile from the primary salesperson to start a short span of ten years asked, Lin Daoshi transformed, became the white boss beside the red man, became the youngest ever white business general manager. A few years ago, there were rumors that Linda was the heir apparent to White s textile successor. I have heard that Lin Daizhi has been hired away by other companies. This is the food to eat outside the , really lose Bai Lao so love dodgerblue self balancing scooter him. BU King look of disdain. When it comes to Lin Da chih, I am reminded of one thing I have heard that Lin Tak chi was interested in marrying Bai Bai into the White House and becoming Bai s next successor when the economy in the previous two years was not bad. Oh, then This news attracted the interest of BU Feng. After White s textile business experienced several financial crises, and White s financial situation worsened, the marriage was not heard anymore. The Secretary s attention was accompanied by a fascinating le.

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