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Best Electric Self Balancing Scooter they see the master run away to the commotion. Lin Daizhi a departure, unable to bear the sad white lily suddenly fell back, the whole person fainted. Lily Lily White Lady kneel holding his daughter helpless, anxious endless. Aunt, I ll come. BU wind came to the white lily side, reach out and hold her into the ward. Side of the white lady to see the sudden appearance of the BU wind, although the sense of surprise, but did not say anything. Just behind, looking at him like a baby like care, carefully put the baby daughter lying down to. Set white lily, the white lady led the BU wind came to the room attached to the living room. Auntie, for the first time, I m best electric self balancing scooter a breeze. He nodded slightly, formal and polite to introduce himself. You are the BU family top self balancing scooter White Lady looked at the front of a table of talent BU wind, the accident he was so awe inspiring. Bu Feng s popularity and smart in the business world no one does not know, no one knows. However, at the moment he, compared to the appearance of the media has become more dignified, cold. It seems that the inherent momentum of the king, in that others can not help a faint smile BU wind. This month, he went to Japan every week to visit his mother And she not only knowledge, but also innocently wronged his Heart touched her, turned gently kissed the wind on the forehead BU, while giving a grateful smile. Congratulations, today, but your big day Side of the white house nurse also came forward Daoxi. Mother, nurse, please rest assured, I will take good care of Lily. BU breeze hurried under the bed, from the white lady hands took the white lily. This decade, he was trapped in the Xiangxiang thoughts and love, and now finally out of the heart prison, happy painting on the period. I love you, Lily, said the breeze, staring affectionately at her. me too. Suddenly, the scene sounded thunderous applause and blessing sound. Of course, there flash flashlight. The breeze stirred the white lily tightly into her arms, choking and whispering, Thank you for your love. White lily sweet smile, ring live on his shoulder, to return a sweet kiss he kissed You re welcome. This life, BU breeze in any case do not want to let her arms His lily angel. postscript Yi Xiaohong My love is shallo.

$txt2=preg_replace(\"/\\.{2,}/i\",\"\",$txt2);order to escape debtors debt best electric self balancing scooter collection, not only no fixed abode, even the meal has become a problem, forced to have only the son sent to the orphanage foster care. Displaced for many years, hard to meet a willing to subsidize them to make a comeback old friends, the couple was slowly hand to foot to improve the economy. Originally wanted to pick up his son back to best electric self balancing scooter the reunion, but the orphanage said the president did not leave the peak contact, until a few days ago to get the notice of the president, the two were then happy to and peak recognition phase. But after recognition, the trouble came. The old friend who helped them through the storm was extremely satisfied best electric self balancing scooter after he had seen Dingfeng. He wanted him to Utah self balancing scooter be his successor, and he was going to marry his daughter. The couple really hard to refuse the great benefactor s proposal, but will not move out of self balancing scooter 2 wheels the peak and the residence of the snow Ling, not agree with each other s marriage, so the couple had to come forward to plead for snow Ling, begged her to leave the peak. Their intention is not difficult to understand, after all, best electric self balancing scooter feelings can be cultivated, as lo.

Best Electric Self Balancing Scooter ng as Dingxue Ling is not goodbye son, then the son may be and each other s daughter to develop feelings, and then reached the benefactor s request, they also considered each other s kindness. You want to use the peak of life to replace your gratitude She could not believe in such a liberal modern, there are so outrageous things happen More outrageous is that actually still happen to her Fan Ding Yuan, also understand best electric self balancing scooter that to do so, best electric self balancing scooter will cause the pain of the son and the , but no one in the world because of the loss of a person and not live, Time will dilute everything, including love. If you do not, we really can not afford to give us the kindness of each other Ding Lingling mind chaotic, and she did not know how to face the couple. They do not look like lying, she also understands that kindness is the most difficult to repay, but leave the peak This is what she had never thought about things ah best electric self balancing scooter D , you are self balancing scooter reviews still young, there is a good life can go to experience, but perhaps you will meet better than the fixed peak object. Has been quietly given her husband support Sun Wanzhen openings, There are countle.nfortunately, I am best electric self balancing scooter such a care about the woman. She to brace chest, the top of the sentence mood. You are not. To best electric self balancing scooter fingertip bombs under her forehead, he is to know that she is trying to be brave. Before today No, before the advent of Yunna, you are good, but now it is not unreasonable He best electric self balancing scooter paused, Jiong Liang eyes slightly staggering. Hey, you re not going to be jealous She heard a stiff body. Nervous, I m jealous If you are not jealous, why do I emphasize Yunna very beautiful Oh He almost missed her so obvious jealousy, so to say, her heart has always been his myself In three years at the moment He was surprised to find this, heartbeat not help from the king to speed up, palm and even Qinchu a little thin sweat. best electric self balancing scooter It s beautiful and pretty, and I m not exaggerating. He grew more and more close to the body, making her feel a little uneasy, she pushed him again, ready to cross him back to the room. best electric self balancing scooter Well, I really go back to the room to rest Do not go. Do not wait for her to finish, his big thorns grabbed her arm, a little force will pull her into his arms. stay. Ding Lingling the whole person stiff gypsum.

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